Pros and Cons of Weight loss supplements for PCOS in Women

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a condition in which small number of androgens; which are male sex hormones are formed inside the ovaries which cause serious complications in females by disturbing its menstrual cycle and producing many hormonal problems.

Word polycystic refers to many small fluids filled sacs (cysts).

What are main causes for PCOS?

The main causes of PCOS are not clear at all. But there are some parameters by which we can identify increasing level of PCOS.

Usually, patients with PCOS are insulin resistant so we can say that any factor causing insulin resistance in the body of female, can be result of PCOS.

Obesity is the main reason for insulin resistance in the body and it increase the androgen level in the body.

What are the risk factors for PCOS?

A woman is more likely to have PCOS if her sister or mother is affected by it. The other risk for PCOS is obesity because it increases insulin resistance.

What are the symptoms of PCOS?

There are certain symptoms of PCOS by which it can be diagnosed.

Some of the obvious symptoms are listed below.

  1. Missed periods, irregular periods or very light periods.
  2. Excess body hairs including chest, arms, face and back.
  3. Weight gain especially around belly.
  4. Acne or oily skin
  5. Large ovaries having many cysts.

Weight loss supplements for PCOS

How PCOS can be diagnosed?

It can be diagnosed by following methods

  1. Ultrasound
  2. Blood test

AS we can see by its symptoms that it is very dangerous indeed. So, it should be treated properly in order to prevent such complexities.

Preventive methods

There are many preventive methods by which PCOS can be treated

It can be treated by medicines, diet or with the help of other food supplements.

Some of the preventive methods are discussed here.

  1. By changing life style.

It can be treated by changing life style and doctors suggest to take low calories diet combined with the exercise. Even a minor change in weight loss can increase the effectiveness of medicines suggested by the physician.

Limits the carbohydrates in diet as it will help a lot for weight loss. Use complex carbohydrates which rise the sugar level slowly.


2. Medications.

Some of the important medicines are discussed below which help in the recovery of symptoms arise by the PCOS.

1-Birth control pills

Birth control pills contain estrogen hormones which help to regulate level of estrogen in the body and also helps to reduce level of androgens in the body by preventing many abnormalities like hair growth and acne. It  also reduces cancer of endometrial cancer.

2- Letrozole

This breast cancer treatment can work to stimulate ovaries.

3- Metformin

It helps to improve the insulin level and to control insulin resistance in the body. It is also used to slows down the progression of prediabetes to diabetes type 2 and helps in the weight loss.

4- Gonadotrophins

These hormonal medications are given by injections

5- Eflornithine

This cream is used to slow down the facial hair growth in women which are a major source of depression in women facing PCOS.


Weight loss supplements for PCOS

Besides medications, there are many weight loss food supplements which are available in markets of many countries. These multinational food supplements are helping a lot to women for weight loss because the have less side effects as compared to medicines. Many of the people prefer food supplements because the are health friendly. Some of these food supplements are discussed here to prevent PCOS.


  1.  Ovasitol

It is #4 in vitamin BB supplements. Its ASIN # is B078GVS65S.

It is formulated with myo-inositol and D-Chiro inositol. Recent studies have revealed that combination of these two inositol is very beneficial for the treatment of PCOS.

Inositol is also formed within the body and is also presents in many foods like nuts, grains, beans, and fruits.

 Weight loss supplements for PCOS
Weight loss supplements for PCOS

It supports menstrual cycle, hormonal level and insulin level. It is also very beneficial for the pregnancy. Those women which are trying to conceive the child, it provides many supporting role and health for egg cells.



    2. L-OptiZinc

It is #73 in zinc minerals supplements. Its ASIN# is B00772DYV6.

It contains many antioxidants which are very helpful for the child birth and prevents baby form inflammation.

It is also important in blood sugar regulation and improves sensitivity for insulin and reduces insulin in the body.

Zinc controls the hair growth and helps in the control of acne and oil production.

But among its side effects, is that it can delay period’s time.


3. Premier NAC

N-Acetylene is powerful antioxidant and helps to control insuline resistance and hormonal also controls inflammation and stress and helps in weight loss.Its ASIN# B08SH6GJ4Y, among the top selling brands for weight loss in PCOS. It regulates menstrual cycle and helps to improve ovulation.                                                          

4. Natasha’s Harmony weight loss

It is amongst the world’s best-selling brands for the weight loss in PCOS.

Its ASIN # B09FDDTW4H.It is #4 in Appetite control and suppressant.

It is designed for weight loss in women and helps to burn fast which are susceptible of PCOS .It is a complete hormonal balance for the women especially which are conceiving child during the birth.


5. Vegan magnesium

It has been studied that about half if the Americans are lack of magnesium which results in anxiety, energy and muscle functions.

So this product is not only beneficial for weight loss but also very important to overcome all such difficulties.

It is also amongst top selling brands of the world and helps in the weight loss also.



6. Zinc Chelate

It is in 100 best selling amazon products in this category.

It inhibits testosterone to covert into active form and thus helps to prevent cysts in the ovaries. Thus, helping in the weight los which is result of the over production of testosterone.


7. Probiotics

Structure of gut is damaged due to symptoms of PCOS. Many researchers suggest that is should be restored in order to prevent form the digestive problems.

So here is a solution to resolve this problem.

Probiotics are food supplements which contain special types of microorganism and it is available in the form of pills. These  microorganisms help to improve the health of gut by restoring its activity which is also beneficial for the protection against inflammation. Inflammation is primary contributor towards insulin resistance in the body.

Hence these probiotics help to recover insulin resistance and also controls the weight loss.

They work by replacing bacteria present in the body which perform special type of functions in the body which are damaged by some antibiotics; used for treatment of a disease.

They treat some kinds of abnormalities like;

  • Inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Infectious diarrhea.
  • Diarrhea caused by some antibiotics.
  • Improves urinary and vaginal health.

Here we are going to show best probiotic in the world.

It is best seller product at amazon as a probiotic food supplement.

Its ASIN#  ‎ B079H53D2B

It contains ten kinds of microorganism and helps a lot for weight loss as well as treatment of gut and its related all diseases.

8. Co- enzyme Q10 supplements

These Supplements are found to be very effective for the ovarian health by promoting follicle production especially in old age in women.

These also help in the insulin resistance and inhibit androgens quantity and thus helps in weight loss. Here is the #1 selling Q10 supplement in the world.                        

Its ASIN# B08Z19NG8S.It is #1 in Q10 supplements and overall, #37 best seller in supplements for the health. It is manufactured in USA.

It has 3X better absorption than all other Q10 products. It is in the form of capsules and having faster formula for action. It helps to gain a lot of energy in the body and also beneficial for weight loss by lowering the amount of cholesterol in the body.


Final Thoughts 

Although weight gain is the biggest issue these days and has destroyed health of people. Major cause as it seems to be is our diet. If we take healthy diet, there is no need for any medication and supplement. Among people, PCOS is a leading disease in women, causing infertilities and many more health issues in women in all countries of the world. It is a serious disease which has to be eradicated on primary goals but unfortunately is exists these days as a prominent disease for women, not only increasing their weight but also causing birth related issues which are so dangerous and damaging for these women. About one third women of the world face these complications.

Medicines and food supplements are introduced in the field to combat this disease. Medication are useful but they have many other side effects and also cannot control insulin resistance in the body effectively, so food supplements are solely source of treatment which seems to be very effective because they treat just like natural defense system by promoting insulin absorption, decreasing insulin resistance and also reducing weight loss. Not all supplements are beneficial for all individuals. One should consult health physician before using any supplement to save the money and time as well.



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